What is D2L?

D2L, also known as Brightspace, is an online account where you access your course material, assignments, quizzes, grades, calendar, messages, and class discussions.

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Assignments and Dropbox

Depending on the course and program you are taking, your instructor may ask you to use the Dropbox tool to send your assignments.

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Discussions is a place where messages can be displayed publicly to students and instructors in your class.

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Within your D2L courses, you may be asked to complete a quiz or test.

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The Mail feature allows you to send and receive messages from your instructor and students registered in the same classes.

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This section shows you how to check your grades in D2L.

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Logging Out of D2L

When you are finished with D2L, always log out. This will ensure that your D2L session has ended.

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Instructors can organize learners into groups in D2L for discussion assignments and dropbox assignments.

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The ePortfolio feature allows you to upload files to D2L Brightspace. These files can be kept for personal reflection, shared with your colleagues, submitted via the dropbox, or combined into a presentation. Unlike your courses, the files uploaded to ePortfolio will follow you, even after you graduate.

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Bongo is where your instructor might have you record video assignments and submit them.

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Turnitin helps students identify plagiarism in written assignments.

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