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Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Support

For the week of March 16-20, please email Erin Kordich, Sexual Violence Response Advisor: ekordich@bowvalleycollege.ca to set up a phone or video appointment. 

Bow Valley College is committed to creating a space that does not have sexual harassment and sexual assault. Bow Valley College knows that sexual harassment and sexual assault can happen to any student. Bow Valley College knows that accessing supports is a choice that each student can make.

View the Bow Valley College Sexual Violence Policy and Procedure or the simplified versions of the Policy and Procedure.



Students who have experienced sexual violence


Definition of Sexual Harassment
Sexual Harassment means any unwanted sexual behavior, words, or touch.  It can happen once or more than once.

Definition of Sexual Assault
Sexual Assault means any unwanted sexual actions done to a person.  It can include anything from touching to penetration.

If you are concerned about an employee or if you are an employee who experienced sexual harassment or sexual assault, please contact Bow Valley College Human Resources 403-410-1600


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