We subscribe to a number of databases which can be searched to find reliable sources like peer-reviewed articles. Most databases focus on a subject or profession, like business, sociology, or nursing. Use the A-Z list to find the best database for your search.

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We provide 24/7 access to eBooks. There are thousands of scholarly eBooks and online reference works like encyclopedias, handbooks, and dictionaries. Some textbooks are available as eBooks.

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Faculty and Staff Resources

This comprehensive guide has information about library services and resources for faculty and staff. These include teaching and professional development resources, in-class presentations for learners, and applied research support.

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Journal Search

We subscribe to thousands of publications, like academic journals, magazines, and newspapers. To search for journal titles, click the Journal Search link available at the top of every page of the library catalogue.

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Library Catalogue

This tool is the library's search engine. Use it to search almost 90% of our online and print resources. You'll find print books, films and streaming videos, e-books, journal articles, reports, and much more.

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Streaming Videos

We have films and documentaries for all subjects. Streaming videos can be accessed with your Bow Valley College username and password. Streaming videos are available from different providers.

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Teaching Resources

The following websites provide access to works that are either in the public domain, are licensed for educational use, or are published under a Creative Commons licence.

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