Through the library's website, you can search and access resources you need (ebooks, articles, videos, and more). Click the links below to learn how to find and access these.

Find scholarly, peer-reviewed articles

This guide explains the peer review process, the identifying characteristics of a peer-reviewed article, and where to find scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles in the RGO Library and Learning Commons (LLC) database collection.

Find and search a library database

The Library's databases are searchable electronic collections of information about published items, such as books, newspapers articles and journal articles. This guide explains library databases and how to how to access and search them effectively to help you save time and find the best sources to use in your assignments.

Use RxTx with e-CPS

RxTx is an integrated search tool that combines drug (Rx) and therapeutic (Tx) databases from the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA). This tutorial will show you how to search this database.

Find and download ebooks

An electronic book, or ebook, is a book-length publication available in digital form and designed to be read on computers or other electronic devices such as tablets, e-readers, and smartphones. This guide explains ebooks.

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