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Our flexible, online programs and courses bring the Bow Valley College classroom to you in multiple delivery methods to suit your learning goals.

Resources To Help You Succeed

Set yourself up for successful online learning at Bow Valley College. Check out the resources below to help you choose what course delivery mode works best for you, what materials/devices you will need as an online learner, and what platforms to familiarize yourself with before your program begins.

If you have questions or would like further support, get in touch!



Make all learning count. We’re committed to ensuring both your academic success and well-being, meaning we provide platforms, tools and services that help you to connect and socialize with your fellow students.


Where the determined come to learn. Our programs and faculty and staff will ensure the time you invest with us is time well spent—so your goals become achievements, your ambitions are realized, and your drive is rewarded.


The next you starts now. At Bow Valley College we’re committed to providing high-quality education, regardless of the delivery method, when you study with us we’re here to support your journey to become work-ready.


Make the most of your time. With three different delivery methods that incorporate online learning, we are committed to providing the flexibility you need from your education to get you into your career and your future.

+9,000 students are taking 1,600 classes online

Save the commute time

Online learning typically takes 40-60% less time

Learn in your sweat pants

Ready to get started?

As an online learner, you have the ability to study and complete coursework anywhere.

Whether you're at home, a library, or even a coffee shop, you can work in the environment that suits you best.

We are here for anyone who decides to make good use of their time, learning and shaping their future.

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