Bow Valley College believes in flexible course scheduling to fit your busy life. We offer a wide variety of course options to help you achieve your academic goals.

Who can register online?

Online course registration is available to learners registered in a career program. Some exceptions apply to School of Health and Wellness programs. Learners registered in Academic Upgrading courses are also eligible to register online.

Where can I register online?

You'll register using MyBVC. If you are eligible to register, you will receive an email with details outlining when registration opens for your program. Please check MyBVC often, as this is where the College will send communications.

How can I register online?

There are a number of resources available to help you navigate the online self-registration system on MyBVC, including the following:

When can I register online?

For self-registration dates and times, visit our Important Dates page.

Online Self-Registration - General Registration FAQs

Log into your account to access self-registration under the Registration tab. Follow the step-by-step online registration instructions for information on adding and dropping courses, and more.

Visit the tutorials at MyBVC Help for information on how to use

Learners will only see and can only register for courses in the upcoming term. For example, if you are registered in the Winter term, you will only see Winter courses; Spring or Fall courses will not appear in the registration system during the Winter registration period.

There are a maximum number of credits that students can register for in each term. Students who attempt to register in more than the allowable number of credits will receive a warning message that they've reached their maximum course load. Note: Some courses are available only once per year. Students are encouraged to connect with Academic Advising to learn more about course availability.

Your courses will appear on the My Courses page.
Your week-by-week schedule will appear on the My Schedule page. Click the Next button to view upcoming weeks.

From time to time, Bow Valley College may need to cancel courses and learner registrations due to low registration numbers or other operational issues. The College will strive to provide learners with adequate notice of cancellations, and, where possible, will make alternate arrangements for learners whose registrations are cancelled.

The Office of the Registrar may deregister learners from courses who:

  • do not meet the conditions of their program acceptance;
  • do not meet prerequisites, co-requisites or anti-requisites;
  • do not pay required fees by the deadline posted;
  • miss any classes during the add-drop period without prior notification to the instructor (who are then considered a no-show)
  • violate any Bow Valley College policies; or
  • have been suspended for academic or non-academic reasons. 

Please contact Academic Advising. When emailing or leaving a voicemail, include your name, Student ID number, program, and your specific question(s). Including this information will result in a faster response time.

Online Self-Registration - Chiu School of Business Information FAQs

Program course lists are available on all Chiu School of Business certificate and diploma program pages. Sample schedules are available on the Student Engagement Officer page. 

Some programs offer online and blended delivery courses. All Year 1 Business Administration Diploma courses are available online, but only some Year 2 courses are currently available online. Students are required to contact a student engagement officer to discuss enrolling in online and blended delivery courses.

As a general rule, part-time students take no more than two courses. A student is considered full-time when they take three or more courses.
Yes. Taking less than five courses per term will result in needing a longer period to complete your program. 

Employment Preparation and Work Experience are Bow Valley College courses that are administered by Bow Valley College staff. Applicable fees are charged, just as you would be charged for all your other courses. The only difference is that these are optional courses, not required for program completion and graduation, and the Work Experience is scheduled outside program dates. Because these courses are non-credit, they are not eligible for loan funding. 

Student engagement officers can help students with self-registration and academic advising. They can also help business students arrange co-op and practicum opportunities. 

Online Course Registration - School of Health and Wellness Information FAQs

Some programs in the School of Health and Wellness do not allow self-registration for courses (the Office of the Registrar will do this for you). Please see the list of exceptions below. If you are in a program that uses online self-registration and you believe you are experiencing technical issues, contact the Office of the Registrar.

Online self-registration exceptions

Which programs DO NOT need to use the Online Self-Registration system?
  • All regional programs - for example, Health Care Aide Certificate (Airdrie) or Medical Office Assistant (Strathmore)
  • Nutrition Manager and Recreation Therapy Aide Certificate programs
  • English Language Learning programs
  • Students in prior learning programs or courses. This includes students registered in the following programs:
    • Health Care Aide Prior Learning Assessment
    • LEEP (Life Experience Equivalency Process)

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