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    Collaborate Membership

    You and/or your organization don’t need space, but are looking for a supportive network, access to resources, a place to share your business information and an entrepreneur community to belong to…

      • 15% discount on most events
      • 15% discount on space rentals
      • $149/year (individual) or $249/year (organizational -3 access points)

      Blast In - One Time Drop in

      You are looking for a change of scenery and place to work from and don’t want to sit in the coffee shop all day long. You don’t want to commit to a membership, but enjoy free coffee/tea/Wi-Fi for the day…

      • Coffee/Tea, Wi-Fi, Power
      • Use of Co-working Space for the day
      • Copy/scan/print (extra fee)
      • Document shredding service
      • Use of staff kitchen
      • $20/Day

      Cowork Membership

      You could use a flexible place to show up and get your to-do list conquered before picking up the kids from school. You are currently working from a home office, but the distractions (the kids, your extended family, the looming laundry pile…) are constantly demanding your attention...

      • All of the Blast-in and Collaborate Membership benefits plus
      • Use of coworking space anytime Monday-Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm
      • 15% discount on events
      • 15% discount on space rentals
      • $69/Month

      Drive Membership

      You meet with your clients at various public establishments and would benefit from a professional private office, but it is currently out of your budget. Perhaps you make lots of business calls or need a private quiet office to get your weekly priorities accomplished efficiently…

      • All of the Cowork Membership benefits plus
      • 5 Days/month of Private Office use
      • 8 Hours/month of Boardroom use
      • Virtual receptionist available
      • $199/Month

      Propel Membership

      Your business is going pretty well and you are spending half your time working out of your basement home office. You are thinking about leasing a professional retail office, but are not able to commit to the cost or being tied to a lease…

      • All of the Drive Membership benefits plus
      • 15 Days/month of Private Office use
      • 10 Hours/month of Boardroom use
      • Courier Receiving Service
      • $399/Month

      Elevate Membership

      You want to work out of a professional space where there is lots of traffic and exposure for your business. You like the social aspect of being in a hub, but can close (and lock) your own office door when you come and go…

      • All of the Propel Membership benefits plus
      • 31 Days/month of Private Office use
      • 12 Hours/month of Boardroom use
      • $699/Month


      • Supportive entrepreneur community
      • Connections to key resources
      • Entrepreneurial education
      • Coffee/Tea/Water Service
      • Power/Internet
      • Professionally designed space
      • Confidential document shredding service
      • Eco-friendly lighting and recycling

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Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Phone: 587-393-3139
Email: sec@bowvalleycollege.ca

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