We have over 50 years of technical and vocational education experience and 30 years of international partnership collaboration. That equals a strong history of successful overseas development and training projects.

Expertise in training

Create more employable and skilled graduates with our expertise in applied education:

  • Competency Based Education and Training (CBET) design/delivery
  • Needs identification, GAP analysis, and labor market needs assessments
  • Occupational analysis/profiling
  • Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) entrepreneurship skill enhancement
  • Instructional skills strategies/toolkits
  • Foundational learning, literacy and workplace essential skills
  • Prior learning assessment and recognition

Valuable experience

Our international experience is broad. We have a range of  partners, including:

  • Private businesses
  • Community skills
  • Training centres
  • Institutions
  • Governments (at all levels)

The lasting power of partnerships

Understanding your community is what drives us. The human, social and cultural attributes of the region affect our decisions. Our partners identify the development and training gaps. Together we design the solutions and toolkits for change. This results in solutions with real impact and relationships that last long after the project ends. We take pride in our work and celebrate International development with the whole world during International Development Week. Check here the activities that we planned this year. 

Proven programs

Understanding the need and creating a practical, focused solution. That's the key to success. We draw from a broad portfolio of successful programming.

  • Curriculum review and assessment
  • Competency Based Education and Training (CBET)
  • Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)
  • Support of educational reform initiatives
  • Workplace essential skills assessment and training
  • English language instruction
  • Intercultural communications strategies
  • Entrepreneurship and business skills curriculum and incubators
  • Health care and human services programming
  • Leadership and community stewardship
  • Career/market entry preparation
  • Management and administration vocational education leadership training
  • Needs assessments (training, community level, labor market)
  • Foundational learning and upgrading; including literacy and numeracy
  • Support and access to the Government of Alberta International Development Office

Partnerships and mobility

  • Faculty and student exchanges
  • International internships
  • Joint curriculum development/program brokering
  • Overseas field schools
  • International delegation hosting
  • Applied international research 

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