Bow Valley College, in partnership with stakeholders from across Canada, will pilot an innovative essential skills training model designed to equip apprentices with the skills they need to successfully complete technical training and pass their trades exam.

Project Overview

The pathway to becoming a certified journeyperson is challenging. Apprentices need a solid foundation in essential skills to cope with the demands of learning a new trade. Evidence suggests that targeted, instructor-led essential skills training makes a difference. Bow Valley College and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology, through a multi-year collaboration, have demonstrated that embedding essential skills supports into apprenticeship programs can substantially improve learner outcomes.

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Project Objectives

The Essential Skills for Apprentices project is a national initiative that aims to expand on an instructor-led model of supplemental essential skills training that has proven effective, on a small scale, at improving completion rates in first-year apprenticeship programs.

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About Essential Skills

Literacy and essential skills competencies underpin success in both the workplace and in life. These critical, foundational skills allow us to accurately and effectively access information and solve problems in a complex, ever-changing and knowledge-intensive society.

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Project Partners

Want to get involved? Become a project partner. We’re looking for partner institutions from across Canada to join this initiative. Colleges, polytechnics,
pre-apprenticeship training providers and employers are invited to join this project as a national partner.

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Contact Us

For more information about the Essential Skills for Apprentices project including engagement opportunities:

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