Nancy Wagner and son


Changing lives through 1000 Women Rising

How a College campaign helped Nancy Wagner during a desperate time of need.

Nancy Wagner was only months away from getting her Practical Nurse Diploma when a cancer scare turned her life upside down.

A single mom of an energetic four-year-old son, now struck with new fears and the possibility of having to drop out due to financial burdens, Nancy needed support.

After a serendipitous conversation with a classmate, she was introduced to Bow Valley College’s 1000 Women Rising, a campaign dedicated to helping students break through financial barriers.

She soon received Child Care Bursaries and Finish Line Funding from an anonymous donor that made it possible for her to complete her program.

“The bursaries just lifted a complete weight off my shoulders,” said Nancy. “It helped me complete my program, and get the financial support for my son.”

Since launching in June 2015, the 1000 Women Rising Campaign has raised more than half of its $1 million goal, with the largest injection of funds going into the Finish Line Fund, followed by Child Care bursaries.

“People who are willing to give money to strangers are truly selfless, so amazing” she said. 

While graduation is always an emotional moment for learners, Nancy’s experience was extra sweet, as just months before the day, she learned her health is in the clear.

Nancy now works for a preventive health clinic, the Prostate Cancer Centre, and an assisted living facility. She is also studying to be a registered nurse. “But mainly, my very smart and busy little boy is keeping me busy!” says Nancy.

The impact of 1000 Women Rising goes well beyond financial support, and truly empowers our learners to change their life.

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