1.     PROMOTIONAL PERIOD AND ELIGIBILITY: The promotional period is July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020. The promotion is open to all citizens, permanent residents, and protected persons (i.e. refugees) of Canada (except residents of Quebec) who are not employees or immediate family members of employees of Bow Valley College (BVC). Additional details for eligibility are defined in §3 and §4 below.

2.     PRIZE: BVC will waive the cost of the Winner’s first academic term of tuition in a BVC post-secondary credit program, to a maximum of 15 credit hours of tuition costs. The waiver will be valid for only the first term of the winner’s program and any unused amount is forfeited by the winner (i.e. if the winner registers in nine credit hours for their first term, they cannot carry over the remaining six credit hours’ value). The program may be taken at any BVC campus or online. Programs not offered directly by BVC (such as contracted or brokered programs delivered at other institutions) are not eligible. One (1) prize will be awarded.

The approximate dollar value of this award is between $1,452 and $5,714 depending on the program, assuming full-load registration.

3.     QUALIFYING TO WIN: On or around July 2, 2020, BVC will draw, at random, one individual from a pool of individuals who have:

a.     submitted a paper or electronic “Tell Me More About Bow Valley College” inquiry card to a BVC student recruitment employee at a planned off-campus recruitment or community event during the promotion period, and/or who have registered for and attended BVC’s Open House on October 19, 2019, and/or who have registered for and attended a BVC recruitment webinar between May 1, 2020 and June 30, 2020 (all three of the preceding contact types generally referred to as an "inquiry card"); and

b.     submitted an application for admission to a BVC post-secondary credit program by June 30, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. Calgary time, to begin studies in one of the following academic terms: Fall 2020, Winter 2021, or Spring/Summer 2021 terms.

The date of the application for admission must be after the date that BVC received the inquiry card.

BVC will confirm the drawee’s eligibility as defined in §3 using the information recorded in BVC’s student information system. If the drawee is ineligible, their name will be discarded and new draw conducted. If the drawee is eligible, they will be considered the Winner.

BVC will attempt to contact the Winner twice each via email and telephone. If BVC cannot reach the Winner within five (5) calendar days of the drawing, receives no response from the Winner within five (5) calendar days, or the Winner declines the Prize, their eligibility will be cancelled and a new drawing will take place immediately.

In order to claim the Prize, the Winner must read and sign a copy of these rules and grant BVC permission to use their name, program of study, and photograph in promotional and marketing material.


a.     By accepting the Prize, the Winner holds harmless and indemnifies BVC, its employees, board, and third-party service providers of all liability related to the awarding and use of the Prize.

b.     Should the Winner, before or within their first academic term, fail to qualify for admission, fail to confirm their enrolment, withdraw from courses, discontinue study, fail to attend, or otherwise not start their post-secondary program, except for an exceptional medical or compassionate reason approved by the Registrar, the Winner shall forfeit the Prize.

c.     The Prize must be accepted as defined above. It is not available as a cash sum nor as a refund from the learner’s account. The Prize cannot be transferred to another academic term, program, or post-secondary institution.

d.     BVC retains the right to disqualify individual entrants if, in BVC’s sole opinion, the entrant is suspected of attempting to manipulate the drawing or unfairly increase their chances of winning.

e.     Offerings which are not post-secondary credit programs, such as English language learning, academic upgrading, continuing education, course audit, and Open Studies are not eligible for this drawing.

f.      The odds of winning depend on the number of inquiry cards and corresponding applications for admission received.

g.     BVC is not liable for lost, misplaced, damaged, or incorrectly entered inquiry cards or applications for admission. BVC encourages each prospective learner to ensure their inquiry card and application for admission are clearly and consistently completed and submitted to reduce any ambiguity when attempting to match the details from an inquiry card with the details from an application for admission for the purposes of qualifying for this promotion.

h.     BVC reserves the right to revise these terms and conditions or to cancel the promotion at its sole discretion.

i.      The administrative contact for this promotion is:
     Bow Valley College
     Office of the Registrar and Enrolment Services
     Attn: Team Lead, Student Recruitment
     345 6 Avenue SE
     Calgary, Alberta T2G 4V1
     phone: 866-428-2669 (ext. 1402)
     email: recruiting@bowvalleycollege.ca

Prospective student contact information

Welcome Centre
South Campus (First Floor)
345 6 Avenue SE, Calgary AB, T2G 4V1
Phone: 403-410-1402 or 866-428-2669
Email: info@bowvalleycollege.ca
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