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Last updated: September 21, 2021

Your safety is our priority.  Due to ongoing changes in the COVID-19 situation, we have announced that masks must be worn on all of our campuses.

We appreciate how difficult the pandemic is on each of you and will keep working to support your needs. Stay safe, keep informed, and be kind to each other as we navigate this complex situation together.

Please follow this link to read about our Mandatory Mask Use Procedure.

Please visit the following pages for further information on:

We have tried to answer questions related to masks below. If you cannot find the questions you are looking for, please email

Mask-related FAQs

Students unable to wear a mask for reasons related to medical/disability or other protected grounds must request an accommodation through Accessibility Services by emailing  Detailed documentation provided by a licensed medical professional will be required.  For the health and safety of our community, students will be asked to attend an online class, where available, if they are unable to mask.  Students must wait for approval from Accessibility Services before attending campus without a mask.

The safety of our College community is everyone’s responsibility. If you see someone not wearing a mask, you can respectfully approach them and remind them of the mandatory mask mandate if you feel comfortable to do so. Please keep in mind that your approach must be in line with the Learner Code of Conduct Policy.

If you do not feel comfortable approaching the person, you can speak with security or a College employee for immediate assistance. If you have ongoing concerns around student non-compliance please contact the Learner Conduct Officer at

Remember, this is a habit that we are going to have to build together. Showing compassion, empathy, and kindness during this time is important. 


Wearing a mask is mandatory unless you have an approved accommodation through Accessibility Services. If you do not want to wear a mask, we encourage you to explore your options for online learning.


Refusing to wear a mask is a violation of the Learner Code of Conduct Policy and may result in sanctions including a verbal warning, written warning, or a withdrawal from the College. Additionally, any inappropriate or offensive behaviour towards those who are complying with the mask mandate will also be treated as non-academic misconduct and violation of the policy. 
If you are asked by an employee to wear a mask but refuse to do so, you will be asked to leave the campus as per section 3.5 of the Learner Code of Conduct Procedure.



We encourage students to keep spare masks in their backpack or locker.  The Bookstore has both cloth and disposable masks in stock for purchase.  In exceptional circumstances, the College will provide a disposable mask for students who forget theirs.


All students are encouraged to read the Code of Conduct. During COVID-19 we know stress can be heightened. If you see someone not masking, you can politely ask them to mask. All student interactions with each other and with College employees must be respectful.

View the Code of Conduct here.
Masks are mandatory indoors at all our campuses until further notice. We will continue to assess vaccination rates and COVID-19 case numbers. We will reassess the mask mandate as appropriate throughout the semester.

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