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last updated: June 18, 2020

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Information about the 2020 Spring/Summer Term

The College will go ahead with delivering programs and courses in the Spring/Summer Term as scheduled on May 4, 2020. Courses will be offered through online delivery.

Any accepted applicants for Spring/Summer who are not able to start their program need to inform us by emailing admissions@bowvalleycollege.ca. We can arrange for a later start date if these applicants choose to defer the start date of their program. 

Post-Secondary Programs and Courses

Accepted new students starting in May will be able to start their programs and take courses as scheduled.

Current students will be able to continue to take their courses.

Lab courses in Practical Nurse and Health Care Aide will continue through Microsoft Teams online delivery.

Spring 2020 clinical and practicum courses in the Schools of Health and Wellness / Community studies will proceed in a modified two-part format: 

  • Part A - supplemental competency-based activities through MS Teams 
  • Part B – on site workplace activities when the opportunity presents itself in a safe environment

A decision about the status of practicum placements in Chiu School of Business and School of Creative Technology has not yet been made.

Courses offered through the School of Continuing Learning will run.


Paying your fees for your Spring/Summer Term Courses

If you are taking courses in the Spring/Summer Term, the deadline for paying for those courses has been postponed to May 13th because of COVID.  Please note that because the College Campus is closed, you will not be able to pay with cash or in person with a debit or credit card.  For information about the ways in which you can pay your fees, please go to: https://bowvalleycollege.ca/student-resources/financial-services/paying-your-fees


Student ID Cards

Due to on-campus closure, we are not able to produce physical copies of ID cards.

The Office of the Registrar will create a temporary digital copy of ID cards as a PDF file. Read the following steps below on how to request this:

1. Email Registrar@bowvalleycollege.ca to request your ID card. Please include your full name and Bow Valley College Student Number in your email.

2. We will generate the PDF file with your temporary ID card and email it directly to you - this ID card will not contain a personal picture. Your digital ID cards will be labelled as “Temporary” through the dates of May 4, 2020 – August 2021.

Once the campus reopens, you will be able to come in and get a physical ID card with your picture.


School of Foundational Learning and School of Global Access

The majority of School of Foundational Learning and School of Global Access courses will go ahead in the Spring/Summer term. The courses will be delivered online. Please contact your program area for further information.


Information for International Learners

Because Spring/Summer term classes at Bow Valley College will be delivered online, only students currently residing in Canada can register or maintain registration for classes, you must currently reside in Canada. 

International learners must send the following information by Tuesday, March 31st to register or maintain course registration in the 2020 Spring/Summer term:

  1.  A PDF copy of your valid study permit 
  2. Your current Canadian address
  3. Your student ID number, and the name of your program

Please email your documents and information to ieconnect@bowvalleycollege.ca.   


Duolingo Language Test

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting temporary closure of many IELTS testing centres around the world, Bow Valley College is making an addition to the English language requirement options for admission to post-secondary programs.

Effective immediately for the Spring 2020, Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 intakes, Bow Valley College will accept the Duolingo Language Test with scores at or above the following levels:

IELTS Score Duolingo Score BVC Program
6.0 95 - 100 Most programs*
5.5 85 - 90 Recreation Therapy Aide Certificate

*except Pharmacy Technician Diploma, Practical Nurse Diploma, and Recreation Therapy Aide Certificate. 

You can take the test here: englishtest.duolingo.com/applicants


If you are a newly-admitted student scheduled to begin this May and are concerned about your ability to start studies, email admissions@bowvalleycollege.ca to discuss your options. Depending on your program, you may be able to defer your start until September, take a reduced course load, or withdraw from your program.

If you have any questions please contact covidinfo@bowvalleycollege.ca.

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