The 1000 Women Rising fund provides financial support for Bow Valley College’s female students who are changing their lives through education. Despite financial barriers, over the past three years these students have higher completion rates compared to other schools in Alberta. This tells us that Bow Valley College students who receive this funding use it to persist and succeed in their studies. We’ve already raised more than $880,000, helping more than 500 women since 2016. Thank you. You are their champion.

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1000 Women Rising welcomes continued support in helping us raise the last $120,000 of our $1 million goal.
Can you think of another person in your life who would be interested in helping more women rise?

Share the stories of these courageous women and see how more women rise. 

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1000 Women Rising

You can make a difference.

You can get the word out to your friends and family
through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social
media networks – #1000WomenRising

You can use #1000WomenRising in your posts to thank someone
who helped you rise.


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Phone: 403-410-1427
Email: stsmith@bowvalleycollege.ca


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